We welcome you to the Fall 2020 Virtual 50+ Resource Fair presented by Winter Grace Senior Ministries, Inc.

Our mission as an organization is to:

“Empower and Enrich the Lives of Older Adults Through Christian Initiatives, Connecting People, Ideas, & Resources.”

How Are We Accomplishing Our Mission?

The Resource Fair is one way in which we are working to accomplish our mission. By showcasing Community Resources through interviews, we hope to show you what types of resources are available not just in our community, but in almost all communities. The names of the businesses, non-profits, or government agencies may change, but the services are widespread.

The Fair is just one piece. What are the others?
  • Connecting with Local Congregations to Encourage the Growth of Older Adult Ministries (with the support to make it happen)
  • On-line (only, for now, but looking forward to in-person activities)
    • Bible Studies
    • Seminars for Our Holistic Ministry Model
    • Book Club
    • Weekly Wednesday Witness
  • Community Resource Center
  • Helpful Blog Articles
  • *Lunch & Learns
  • *Game Days, and More

*When In-Person Activities Resume

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